Utilities > Typography

Next to the token-based font-sizes and text colors from the token-based utilities, there are a few other typography utility classes present in Feo.

Text alignment

These classes set the text-align on the element, based on the value in the name.

  • .text-right
  • .text-center
  • .text-left
  • .text-start
  • .text-end
  • .text-justify

Text decoration

  • .bold: sets the font-weight to 600.
  • .regular: sets the font-weight to 400.
  • .italic: makes the text italic.
  • .no-decoration: removes any decoration in the text-decoration property.

Line height

  • .lh-0: sets the line height to 1.75.
  • .lh-00: sets the line height to 1.3.
  • .lh-000: sets the line height to 1.